Wedding Dress Shopping

If there’s ever an occasion where you’ve wondered “What am I going to wear to this?”… your wedding day is probably one of those most prominent moments.  When all eyes are on you as you’re walking down the aisle, you won’t want to be second-guessing your decision.

While you want to be aware of what the fashion trends are, you’ll also want something that’s timeless so that when you’re looking back on your photos a decade from now, you’re not wondering “What was I thinking?”  Keep this in mind when deciding on whether or not to go with passing trends that change every season, or even change with the decades.  One thing that comes to mind is the big hair in the ’80s that included over-the-top puffed sleeves, cinched waists and cathedral dress trains.

While some decades fade out as quickly as they were in, others seem to transcend time.  The bohemian carefree look of the ’70s are making a resurgence with flower crowns and ethereal simplicity.  One thing to keep in mind is that if you plan on wearing flower crowns in your hair, make a note to take a few photos without this accessory just so you have different looks when reminiscing about your wedding day.  It’s always nice to have different style options.

The Spring 2017 bridal presentations include a variety of black-tie separates, beautiful detailing and bold cutouts.  Shorter hemlines and pant outfits are also included as additional options to stray from the more traditional looks.  If you’re like me however, I like to stay with the more traditional options for brides that include a white floor-length gown with a veil.  Regardless of what you decide, I’m sure that your soon-to-be husband will be so excited that he’s marrying the love of his life that it won’t matter what you wear!


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